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The Pettaway Square 

Arts, Entertainment & Community Enrichment Project

Pettaway Square is the cradle of entrepreneurship in the heart of the Pettaway neighborhood. Here, even the smallest business will have the opportunity to flourish and grow. Stop in to visit your neighbors, neighborhood businesses and farmers market.

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and watch a movie with your family.. Come share an experience with one of our talented artists as they lead you through a relaxing creative class of Sips and Strokes.  Come out and listen to live music on a Sunday afternoon... or purchase fresh produce and flowers from one of our farmers. Bring your pooches out for a Saturday night Yappy Hour or brush the dust off your Dominoes, decks of cards or checkers for Game Day on the block. 21st will no longer be just another street to drive through. 

We are ready..... Are you?

Developer and Visionary

What is the Pettaway Square Project?  According to the visonary, Michael Orndorff, it is a micro-business district full of entrepeneurs looking for a place to start. Phase I will boast 8 apartments and more than a dozen commercial units.

“Many of them are small store fronts, 300 square feet. Some are 550 square feet,” 

Conversations have already begun with business owners who will take over many of the storefronts. “A coffee shop owner, a yoga studio and a microbrewery,” Orndorff said.

Creative Mindz, Inc. will also operate out of the Pettaway Square hosting community projects  centered around  providing a platform for startup businesses, pairing local retail & food with live entertainment in the heart of the Pettaway Community. There are plans to launch an urban street market which will include  family movie nights, cultural food festivals, block parties, health fairs,  fresh produce and flowers,  sip and paint parties, art shows, mini-concerts, and seasonal oriented events. All family friendly, kid friendly, pet friendly and much, much more.

For Orndorff, he’s had to battle a pandemic and lack of supplies to get the ball rolling, but he’s ready to see the buildings go up, shops move in and the buzz of a thriving community.

“I want my son, I want my daughter to see small business owners, starting businesses, running businesses,” Orndorff said.

Orndorff said they hope to have everything complete in a year. They also bought a couple more lots for a second and third phase and are still working on plans for those.

What our neighbors are saying.......

Cynthia Walker grew up in the Pettaway neighborhood and still lives there now. 

“I grew up on Cumberland since I was a little girl, since I was five years old,” Walker said.

She’s excited to have places to eat and drink right in their backyard.

“Especially my mom, she’s been single for 30 something years. It would be good for her to walk and see different places. It would be like a small mini downtown,” Walker said.

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