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Woodlawn Street Market is an urban street market, in the heart of Historic Woodlawn, conceived for those who are always searching for unique, specialty creations. Patrons can expect merchants selling produce, goods, and prepared food, along with a few home-grown restaurants and retailers. The market will offer Birminghamians a gathering place – a locale for taking in an amazing meal or picking up a few inspiring pieces to add to their collection. It also boasts the best street entertainment, including but not limited to urban dancers, DJs, singers and musicians.... Entertainment all brought to you by Creative Mindz, Inc. for the last 6 years! 

Epic Alternative Elementary School Summer Camp offers core curriculum classes, and a host of additional enrichment programs to provide today's students and tomorrow's adults with a cutting edge advantage in a competitive and ever changing world. Creative Mindz, Inc. has been responsible for providing this program with an urban arts program since 2013, foreign language classes for K-5 students since 2016 and a host of other amazing learning opportunities including but not limited to dance classes, interactive poetry classes (Raps, Rhythms and Rhymes), chess instruction, basketball camps and pet education workshops from members of the Birmingham veterinary community. 

Pet Education For Kids

Creative Mindz, Inc.'s founder has over 15 years  experience mentoring middle and highschoolers interested in careers in the veterinary field. As part of our community outreach, we also provide fun, high energy pet education workshops in the classroom and for small assemblies,

We strive to foster humane habits within inner city youth and citizens of our community in order to reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and euthanasia.

Our focus areas are animal safety, the importance of veterinary care, heartworm prevention, empathy, responsible pet ownership and careers in the veterinary field.,  

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The Magic City Surge is an ABA Men’s Semi- Professional Basketball team located in Birmingham, Alabama (The Magic City). Creative Mindz, Inc. has been appointed as facilitator and Director of Entertainment  for 2019/2020 Season 3. 

Each year, Creative Mindz, Inc. hosts a week-long camp at Tarrant Elementary School using the art of Hip Hop Dancing to capture the attention of more than 60 grade school students, to address at the week's end, topics such as Choices, Second Chances,  Actions and  Consequences,  Bullying and much more.

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At Creative Mindz, Inc., our purpose is to create exceptional events, experiences and environments that delight and inspire the human spirit to build stronger communities.

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